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Kleenso Pesso Eco Lizard Repellent (500ML)

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Kleenso Pesso Eco Lizard Repellent (500ML)
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  • Manage to get an Activated Wood Venegar with Plant extract 
  • Where lizard will not stay or visit that area anymore after spray at the lizard appreace area for few days 
  • Is environmental friendly product which we don't kill them yet safe for human and pets 


  • Plant-based extracts 
  • Liquid base 
  • Non-Pesticide Ingredient 
  • For a start, continue spray for 3 – 5 days on the Lizard appearance area  
  • Non-toxic, safe and environmentally friendly. 
  • Spray on the fencing, balcony, fencing, cupboard, air-conditioner compressor or floor.
  • This product will just repel them and won’t kill them. 


1. Shake & Spray directly on the area where the lizard appear frequently.
2. Spray on the fencing, balcony, cupboard, air-cond compressor or floor.
3. Repeat spray on the area for 5-7 times until the lizard are not visible.
4. Reapply when it appears again.

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