Grabbit Herb Seed – Team DIY Hardware
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Grabbit Herb Seed

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Grabbit Herb Seed 
Item Code: #177226 #177227 #177228 #177229

Grabbit Gardening Series Fruity Vege Seed provided a planting guide and method for various type of seeds at the back of their box. The guide includes the plant maturity period and germination process.


  • Box dimension: 11cm x 6cm x 2cm
  • Manufactured in: Malaysia


  • A planting guide is provided for each seed at the back of the box
  • Compact and portable as it packs in a box
  • Seed is packed in a secure zip lock plastic
  • Including the plant maturity period and germination process

HB-001 Chives Kuchai 

HB-002 Coriander (Ketumbar) 

HB-003 Celery (Daun Sup) 

HB-004 Aromatic Basil

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