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KLEENSO KIill Germs Hand Wash 4 Litre

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Kleenso Kill Germ Handwash 4 Litre

Item Code: #9555651404833-4 litre

Wash your hands! But is it really clean? Make sure you wash your hands properly:

✅Wet your hands and spread the soap evenly

✅Rub both your hands

✅ Rub the back of your hand and the slit of your finger

✅Dry your hands with a clean tissue or cloth(Source: KKM)

✅Rub every finger and slit of your finger

✅Rub the nails on the palms of your hands

✅Wash hands and with clean airflow  #kleenso #handwash #4litreALL READY STOCK SHIP FROM MALAYSIA 

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