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Kleenso Non-Caustic Clog Remover 300GM

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Kleenso Non-Caustic Clog Remover 300GM
Item Code: #139065


  • Fast acting to clean even the toughest clogs!
  • Heat release formula works immediately to melt down oil and grease!
  • Deep-cleaning action effectively dislodges common clogs such as hair, soap scum, body fats, mineral deposits , paper cloth and other type of debris.
  • Powerful disinfectant keeps drainpipe germ free and prevents formulation of mildew.
  • Safe for all pipes, septic systems and fixtures
  • Suitable for kitchen sink, bathroom basin, bathtub and other drainpipe.


  • Minimum Usage Of 1 - 2 Bottles For Clogged Toilet Bowl / Sink 
  • Minimum Usage Of 3 - 4 Bottles For Clogged Septic Tank


  • Remove As Much Water As Possible From Areas Which Are To Be Treated  
  • 1st Session : Pour In At Least Half Liter/Bottle Of Clog Remover 
  • 2nd Session : Pour Hot Water (Recommended) After 15 Minutes Of Waiting Time ; Repeat If Necessary.
  • Tips : Prevention To Avoid Future Blockages - Apply A Small Quantity At Regular Intervals In Drains Susceptible To Blockage


  • Do Not Mix With Other Drain Cleaners As Violent Reaction Can Occur. 
  • Wear Protection Rubber Gloves. 
  • Avoid Contact With Hand / Skin / Eyes. Wipe It And Rinse With Water Thoroughly And Immediately If Contacted. 
  • Pour Carefully And Slowly. 
  • Keep Out Reach Of Children.

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