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V-Tech VT-921 V-Tack Reusable Putty 50gm

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V-Tech VT-921 Reusable Putty Sealant 50gm
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- V-Tack is an ever-tacky, reusable putty sealant that provides a safe and clean alternative to pins and tapes for various uses at home, school, or office.
V-tack can be completely removed without damaging painted surfaces. By folding and kneading the used adhesive putty, V-tack becomes sticky again and ready for reuse.

- No nail, pin, tape, and tacks
- Clean, safe and easy to apply
- Fast and clean bonding
- Removable and reusable
- Non-toxic

V-Tack is ideal on non-porous surfaces such as vinyl coated wallpapers, painted surfaces, glass, metal etc. It is also suitable for installation of household decorative materials such as poster, wall decorations, modelling etc.

How to Use:
1. Clean the surface and ensure the surface is clean and dry.
2. Tear of amount needed from V-Tack ready cut square piece.
3. Pull and stretch it into a ball.
4. Place it between the surfaces to be fastened.
5. Press firmly to adhere onto the surfaces.

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